We work to create a positive impact on your health, the health of our planet, and the future of science.


A team of dedicated industry experts.

We are a team of dedicated industry experts, led by sisters Fritzi and Franzi Nicolaus, who steer the company with passion and purpose.

At MakeWell, we have a strong commitment to the well-being of our team, we prioritse cultivating a nurturing environment that values open communication, balance, and creativity. Our dedication to fostering a positive workplace led us to move to a 4-day work week in 2023.

We firmly believe that by prioritising the needs of our team, we create an environment where everyone can thrive. Together, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our team members and our community.


Working towards a more sustainable future.

We are passionate about supporting the future of our planet and we are taking conscious steps to make positive change.

We recognise the complexity and challenges within the sourcing and supply chain of supplements. We are striving to balance sustainability and affordability and we are committed to ensuring our ingredients are of the highest quality. To promote sustainability, we have begun incorporating organic and responsibly sourced ingredients into our formulations.

We are also gradually transitioning our packaging to eco-friendly plastic bottles derived from renewable resources (sugar cane), reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. We firmly believe that positive change begins with small steps, we are embracing our responsibility and we are committed to working towards a more sustainable future.


Partnering with Provenance®.

To further our commitment to transparency, we've joined forces with Provenance®, the global leader in sustainability marketing technology.

Provenance® powers sustainability claims you can trust. Provenance® exists to drive positive change through transparency. They're protecting shoppers from greenwashing using their Proof Point technology, connecting 'green' claims to evidence from the supply chain or third-party verification.

Provenance® is helping us share credible, compelling and fact-checked social and environmental impact information with brand and product Proof Points. Proof Points are interactive icons representing a claim about a business or product. Each Proof Point is part of the Provenance Framework, a collection of 50+ jargon-free claims about social and environmental impact.


Feel the results

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